“You know something? I’ve dealt with your son, Felicia, Jim and now you. All of you treated me like almost a colleague or a peer. I never once felt like I was just a fee sitting across the table at my lawyer’s office when I got in trouble and John was my attorney. I saw Felicia after two real estate closings and after two years having passed, she still remembered my name. You’re all so personable and respectful and all of you seem to take a personal interest in your clients and that is so refreshing. Every other attorney I have done business with just treated me like a fee.”

A Satisfied Client

This docket entry was made by the Clerk…Minute entry before the Honorable Magistrate Jeffery Cole, Federal District Court, Northern District of Illinois:”A settlement conference was held. The case is settled and the parties agreed that a binding settlement agreement occurred today even though the agreement contemplated a written agreement to be initially prepared by counsel for defendant. That agreement would merely incorporate the material terms which were orally agreed upon at the conference. The court wishes to thank John Spina of Spina McGuire & Okal, who was “recruited” by Judge Wood to represent Ms. Boozer. His work and that of Kyle Hartman of Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, counsel for defendant, were of the highest quality. They, and their clients, participated in the conference in the cooperative spirit that unfortunately too few lawyers exhibit in today’s contentious climate. Without the conspicuous skill they brought to their tasks — and the sensitivity and enlightened cooperation of the clients — the case would not have had the successful conclusion that it did. Their conduct is proof that lawyers can act civilly and courteously in their dealings with opposing counsel without sacrificing in the slightest the obligations they owe to their clients. While it is true that “Aprilembership in the bar is a privilege burdened with conditions,’…[and that lawyers are] received into that ancient fellowship for something more than ‘private’ gain, “People ex rel. Karlin v. Culkin 248 N.Y. 465, 470-471, 162 N.E. 487, 489(1928)(Cardozo, C.J.), the efforts of Mr. Spina exceeded what would have been sufficient to satisfy his duties as “recruited” counsel. All matters relating to the referral of this case having been resolved, the referral is closed and the case returned.”

The Honorable Magistrate Jeffery Cole, Federal District Court, Northern District of Illinois

“Felicia is awesome. She is exactly the kind of advocate you want on your side of a negotiation. We found her to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, respectful, and flexible. We won’t be looking around for another attorney the next time we need one for a real estate transaction.”

Hassan & Natasha

“Get Felicia on your team and you won’t be sorry, A+++++ service all the way through. Thank you again Felicia and SMO Law!”


“I’ve nothing but love for Spina, McGuire & Okal. They’ve gotten me through tough situations more than once. I’d use them again, and would highly recommend them to anyone I know.”

Rena Zito

“Felicia gets a 10 plus 10! My go-to Chicago RE Attorney…extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a fierce negotiator!”


“I am very pleased with my in-court experience with Catherine. She handled my case in an expeditious manner, explained everything to me so that I would understand what was happening, and was professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend Catherine, and, I would hire her to represent me in the future if I need an attorney.”

Michael G.

“My wife and I hired Attorney Felicia Di Giovanni in the summer and fall of 2018 to represent us in the sale of our house and in our purchase of a condominium, both in Oak Park.

She is experienced, and knowledgeable. She looked out for our interests in negotiating the terms of the contracts we signed. She explained to us the terms of those contracts and consulted with us during the negotiations. She promptly answered our questions during the process of selling our house and buying the condo, which can get pretty complex. When it came time to sign all the documents for the closings, she explained to us orally and clearly the meaning of each document before we signed it, and answered any questions we had.

She worked long hours for us on short notice. For instance, the family to whom we sold our house asked us to make about 20 repairs on the house before the closing, some major and some minor. She drafted a letter setting forth our response to those requests, working closely over one weekend with both us and our broker to get the response just right. The letter advised the buyers’ attorney that we might not be able to complete all the repairs by the closing date, which was about two weeks away. We also offered to give the buyers a credit on the sale price of the house if they would do the work themselves.

The buyers accepted that offer about 2 or 3 days before the closing, and said they did not want to postpone the closing. Attorney Di Giovanni had several other closings that day and hustled to get all the papers ready for us to sign the day before the closing. She sent us a draft of the closing statement (which lists the price of the transaction and various credits and costs) at 12:03 a.m. on the day before the closing so we could meet with her that morning at 9:30 a.m. to review and sign about 15 different documents necessary for the closing.

Throughout she was never harried and was always both professional and friendly.

I recommend her highly.”

Gordon Waldron